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Monogamy is for Morons

There are two sides to every coin. With a head and a tail, or a tail and a head one is always chasing the other. The combination of opinions that we adopt and conclude by the proverbial coin in our heads are what makes each of us unique,. Having an opinion is a beautiful thing, but they are just opinions. There is one thing that always beats an opinion in an argument, and that is a statement of fact.

Your Eric Draven fun fact of the day is that monogamy is for morons! I can say that with conviction because the fact is humans are animals. I believe monogamy is a bizarre concept that is unnatural, forced and just plain weird.

DEFINITION: Animal – any living organism characterized by voluntary movement, the possession of cells with no cellulose cell walls and specialized sense organs enabling rapid response to stimuli, and the ingestion of complex organic substances. Sound familiar? We have flesh, we have appetites and a body. You are an animal. I am an animal. Anybody who tries to tell you we are above the term “animal” because we are “intelligent and have free will” are plain dumb. Disown them as a friend and go hang out with smarter people.

Strip away the “norms” society has forced us to adopt through rules and educated civility and you’re left with a raw, primitive creature. You’re left with an animal that acts on instinct. DEFINITION:Instinct – the inherent inclination of a living organism toward a particular behavior which is unlearned. No matter how hard we try, we cannot ignore our biological predispositions AKA instinct. We are physical creatures. We’re sensual, brutish and carnal in nature. Our mission in life is to reproduce, spread our seed and give birth to offspring so that our species survives.

That in mind, the argument for monogamy is left without a leg to stand on. I suggest every single man and woman date, and date often, then have sex with as many willing partners that will have you. It is your duty as an animal, and your right as a human. Just be safe!

Think of society as the head and tail of a coin. What decision does society want you to make today? How is it influencing your behaviors? Are you going to pick heads or tails? Analyze how many times a day you stop yourself from wanting to do something because of that coin in your head. Then remember, while there may be two sides to a coin, it is just a coin. You are an animal, and it is okay to act on your animal instinct and put yourself in a position to explore your primal nature. I am not suggesting you hump the women an the table across from you like a dog. But I am suggesting you explore and live out your sexual inclinations the way you, as an animal, were designed to do so.

So go out and meet as many singles as you can. Dating online, bar hopping, blind dates, etc… are great ways to meet thousands of people looking to date often. And lets be honest with ourselves, as we‘re looking for that “perfect one,” dating leads to sex.. They have the confidence to try something new and have the ability to explore their lives the way they were meant to be explored – as an animal!

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Whoever is writing this rocks. Thank you!! Great advice, and excellent perspective.

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