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Peanut Butter and Jelly Match

If you ever want to find common ground with somebody, talk to them about dating.  There is one dating experience that everybody I have known seems to share: Growing up, you dated every datable person in your high school!  Think about it .  It’s true, and weird, because you and friends dated the same people.

As humans we tend to go down the path of least resistance.  Part lazy and part instinct, it just seems right.  It does not take a genius to conclude we tend to date people we have frequent interaction with, but can that be love?  Can a convenient relationship grow into true love ? I think not!  For anybody who doubts me, I challenge you to maroon yourself on an island with 3 members of the opposite sex for 1 year, and not date one of them.  Impossible.  I guarantee you during the course of that year you’re going to end up dating at least one of them, or all three.  Here is the challenge: once you find the one you like best, marry her on the island.  After you’re married, come back to civilization and see how long that relationship lasts…

If you stick around a group of people long enough, you’ll end up dating one of them, maybe get married, then definitely tell everybody it was a “match made in heaven.”  Congratulations, I‘m happy for you but you need to realize you’ve cheated yourself by doing this.  I seriously doubt all of these matches are “made in heaven” because if that were true we wouldn’t be dealing with a 50% and growing failure rate for marriages in America.  Fact of the matter is at least 50% of matches are wrong, and of the 50% that are supposed to be right, I would bet the vast majority are in shambles and thus, wrong.  Hello Mel Gibson – marrying the wrong person is that scary!

On a side note, if you find a way to get Megan Fox on an island alone with me, please let me know.  I’m okay if she doesn’t love me forever.

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When you merge the human tendency to choose the path of least resistance, and the societal norms of being in the same proximity to the same people every day, you end up with a lot of mistaken matches.  In mistaken matches we do not admit failure, inste

ad we attempt to learn to love somebody.  In other words, we settle.  The world is at least 50% oil and vinegar matches, which is sad, because we all started as children in high school dreaming of the perfect peanut butter and jelly match.

I believe online dating is the savior in our global pursuit of the peanut butter and jelly match and a tool that will ultimately rid the world of bad relationships.  If you found the right person in the first place, you would never get divorced and you would always be happy.  It’s pretty simple if you think about it.  As your perfect match is not in your immediate social circle, introduce yourself to new people outside of your social circle through online dating and keep doing this until you find your perfect match.

Online dating is logic in action when it comes to dating.  I don’t understand why more single people don’t try it and embrace the technology.

In conclusion, I’ll say it one more time: Break out of your societal norms and the people you see everyday.  Never settle and do all you can not to be lazy because trust me, your perfect match probably doesn’t live down the street from you.  Finding the perfect match is hard work, and your tool to success is to date online.

Through online dating you can cast a wider net over planet earth and by meeting more people you’re more likely to find true love in a real relationship and not learned love through a mistaken match.  Learned love ends in divorce if not resentment.  True love was meant to be from the beginning and lasts forever.

When you’ll find it, you’ll know.


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